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Home > Difference between online poker and live poker
Difference between online poker and live poker
Monday, 16 August 2010
This question has being asked thousands of times, but it is important to give some answers. Indeed the rules of online poker and live poker are the same but however differences are numerous, . The online game speed is clearly higher than in live because of course the cards are given automatically and tokens do need not be counted that makes online poker about five times faster than the game live. On the other hand, in online poker you are more or less hidden behind your screen and you can express your emotions without fear from your opponents. In live poker, the physical evidence can be used to decipher the signs of nervous tics or your opponents to try to guess the strength of their hand. It takes so much concentration to play live because you have to follow the behavior of your opponents to know their strategy while trying to hide your own feelings to protect yourself.

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Source : Staff
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