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Crown Resorts Set To Grow Even Bigger In Australia
Monday, 21 July 2014
Crown Resorts in Australia is set to get even bigger now that it has been granted approval for a VIP focused casino and six star hotel in one of the most affluent suburbs in Sydney. This will mean that the Crown Sydney Hotel Resort will be something reminiscent of what is seen in American casinos in Las Vegas. Not only that but it seems as if the longstanding monopoly of Echo Entertainment’s casino, The Star, will be about to come to a crashing end.

Once the facility is completed in 2019 it will become one of the most luxurious casinos in the Southern Hemisphere. This is set to be a big boost for the gambling industry in Australia and the economy as well because of the amount of jobs it will create. It is believed that this project will lead to a creation of 1,200 jobs and a significant amount of growth for the NSW economy.

Not only will there be a significant amount of jobs created but there is also a lot of money that this facility will generate for the local economy, which is a massive boost. It is expected that Crown will pay $95m within five days of opening the facility, which is on top of the $5m deposit that has already been paid. There is also a large amount in taxes to be paid, $1b worth over the first fifteen years.

This is a big move for Crown in Australia and it’s set to add a lot to the gambling industry in NSW and the Australian economy in general.
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Dramatic Finishes At The World Cup 2014
Thuesday, 01 July 2014
The World Cup is an exciting event in general but this year’s tournament is shaping up to be one of the great tournaments in the last decade or so. We have already seen a number of great games and they are only starting to get better. What we have witnessed since the end of the group stages is that there have been some dramatic finishes at the World Cup 2014.

There was a particularly dramatic finish in one of the last group stage games. One of those in particular was the game between Greece and Ivory Coast. Greece were awarded a controversial penalty in the dying seconds of the game. The resulting goal that was converted from the penalty spot ensured that Ivory Coast wouldn’t make it past the group stages.

Now that the tournament is into the second round the dramatic finished have really picked up. Already there have been three games with dramatic finishes and two of them have been decided by a penalty shootout. There was a game recently between the Netherlands and Mexico, where the Dutch scored two goals in the last five minutes of the game to snatch a win against a resilient Mexican side.

The World Cup 2014 has shown us some dramatic finishes so far in the tournament. Now that we are into the knockout stages of the competition there are only going to be more close finishes in each of the games. What it does do is make the World Cup 2014 even more exciting to watch.
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