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Home > News archive of august 2014 - BETTING AT HOME - SPORTS BETTING
Poker has become popular
Wednesday, 27 August 2014
Poker has gained a considerable place in online casinos thanks to the support of many betting websites that include poker in their services. Some online poker sites propose a wide range of special gaming services including online poker bonus offers. The fierce competition in online gaming market has even brought operators to serve players with various forms and versions of online poker games. Now players are spoilt with choice.

Interestingly, online poker games allow gamers, not only to try to win over his e-opponents but also do they provide e-space for fun. New players can initiate online poker rules with the help of free poker software; besides, anyone can download the said software (for free) and is available in several languages. Over time, thanks to his perseverance, chance is that a player could hit big prize by playing poker online. Above all, a sheer concentration is needed.
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Online High Stakes poker: Viktor Blom experienced significant losses earlier this month
Wednesday, 13 August 2014
In August, many people choose to travel and spend some good times in holidays. For online high stakes poker pros, most of them stuck to their computers. Actually, some of them hit big prizes whereas the others experience massive losses. For instance, the super active Swede poker player Viktor Blom recorded a loss of $ 750,000 since August 1. Similarly for Alexander Kostritsyn and Phil Galfond, both online poker sites’ superstars produced losses amounting to $ 533,000 and $ 475,000 respectively. Indeed August is a shadowed month for these sharks of online High Stakes poker players.

Worse, the list of those who fall into the biggest losers of the week is quite long: "kagome kagome", "SanIker" and Daniel Cates are among them though they lose less money compared to the first trio cited above. As for the biggest winners, the biggest pot goes to "Trueteller", a newcomer. He took home a huge prize of $ 710,000 in four days. "samrostan" ($ 486,000), Alex Luneau ($ 458,000) and Gus Hansen ($ 320,000) also accomplish good wins during the first week of this month!
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